A downloadable abomination for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Waste time before the inevitable end.


w s to move , a d to rotate

space to go into inspection mode

left click to interact, right click to inspect (in inspect mode)

scroll wheel in inspection mode to select weapons

select gun


Art/Writing - Blood Machine @Fleshsqueeze
Programming - Iride Lombardi @lmsonic itch.io
Sound/Additional Modeling - Izzy @DeadAndCuddly

Blood Machine's Patreon


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linux32.zip 62 MB
win32.zip 60 MB

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Unique and fun!


I adored this. It's so refreshing to have a horror title actually focus on the horror and not just resort to cheap screamer-scares or gorn. Ended up being a lot more unsettling than it had any right to be, haha. Great job.

A little bug report : If you stand in near the bathroom mirror and click at the fridge, it's possible to get 'hooked' on the corner of the bathroom briefly. If you turn and click the bathroom mirror during the drag, you get permanently stuck between the two.

Can't wait to see what other gems you'll come up with <3

Oh no that was a weird bug that i should have predicted lol, i'll fix it if we make another version

Thanks for the feedback!


Loved the atmosphere and how the apartment was literally warping at the end.


Great game. Awesome sound design and aesthetic.


I enjoyed the cityskape view. Although I got used to the inspection mode, what was the reason for making it modal? Given that the mouse didn't have an alternate use while walking, it seems like they could have been done concurrently.


hi, big thx for the game. looks very good and scary. greetings from germany


I liked it. I wish i knew more of the story, and what was truly going on, but this was just enough to make me interested in the potential lore. Great work :D


Press to gun


I get the Hellraiser vibes