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this was awesome :)

The aesthetic is nice! I like the main char in how he looks like a post apocalyptic Raiden. Didn't have to tinker much as I quickly understood where to fish for the body parts, but the island is a bit too big for the walk speed (Pro tip, begin your journey around the island counter-clockwise instead of clockwise like I did, you will save time). Can't say I know what the point of resurrecting your cool looking friend is nor do I know what that parasite looking thing in the water is at the end, but it's a cool little short game. Would give 3.5 if I could because the walk speed is definitely a bit too painful, but 3.5 rounds to 4 so I'll just leave it at that.

Gotta say, I really like this game, the ambience, the graphics, the concept, is really good, but I find the gameplay to be very tiresome and frustating. I understand the need to change it from the last version, but I believe that some tweaking may be good, because I literally just spent a couple hours trying to find the last piece of HIM.


Beautiful dirt. So much to read into it if that's your thing - it was my thing after I listened to the song - so I did...

I liked the game, but I expected something more to happen after reaching the goal than a sudden end.


oh, does the cutscene not play ?!


It does, but I expected something more to happen after the creature was reassembled or at least some explanation what the creature is (some friend of the protagonist it seems).


Oh okay!
Sorry, misunderstood.
A lil bit of animation is broken for it which would at least add a lil big of background (the player character is supposed to kneel)
But well, that's it :(


pls Can you add an option to disable mouse y-axis inversion?  Game is really unplayable with current controls


Yeah, I came here to say pretty much the same thing - the inverted mouse really messes with my muscle memory in a way that takes me out of the atmosphere completely.